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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring, Spring Break, Summer, Winterim
  • Restrictions: CONCORDIA applicants only
  • Dates / Deadlines
Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA: 2.5 Class Status: 2) Sophomore, 3) Junior, 4) Senior, 5) Graduate
Program Description:
Concordia Study Abroad Grant

Because we live in an interdependent world, today's graduates will have to cooperate and compete in a global environment. Therefore, a college education must include opportunities for international study. The most productive form of study is the opportunity to travel to another country, to become an active participant in direct discussions, to dialogue with the people of that country, and to experience their culture all for the purpose of understanding the economic, social, political, and religious dimensions. As part of Concordia's commitment to encouraging students to participate in Study Abroad, the Board of Regents annually provides $125,000 to fund Study Abroad Grants.

Award Amounts

Award amounts can range from $200 to $1,000, depending on a number of factors:
  • Eligible students participating in semester, year-long, or any program where at least 6 credits will be earned will receive awards of $1,000.
  • Eligible undergraduate students participating in Global Ed Courses can receive between $500 and $1,000 toward their program, based on the number of applicants.
    • The award for 2016-2017 was  $700.
  • Eligible graduate students participating in Global Ed Courses can receive between $100 and $400 toward their program, based on the number of applicants.
    • The award amount for 2016-2017 was  $300.
Eligibility Requirements

Students must:
  1. Be at least a sophomore by the time you will participate in the study abroad program that you want the grant to be applied to. 
  2. Not be a Concordia University employee or dependent (student workers are still encouraged to apply);
  3. Be in good financial standing with the Cashier's Office (for traditional undergraduates, they must owe less than $500 to CU at the time of application; for adult education and graduate students, they must owe less than $500 one month prior to departure);
  4. Be in good standing with the Division of Student Life, which means the applicant is not on probation or under sanctions at the time of application;
  5. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 at the time of application;
  6. Be participating in a program for at least 3 academic credits (no audits i.e. TS100).
  7. Apply by the appropriate deadline
*Graduate students are exempt from requirement #1


2017-2018 year:
Beginning in the Spring of 2017, Study Abroad Grant applications will be accepted each semester. The application cycles will be as follows:
  • For programs running in January 2018, Spring 2018 and Spring Break 2018- Applications are due by October 15th 2017. 
  • For programs running in Summer 2018 and Fall 2018- Applications are due by April 1st, 2018.


Does applying for the grant obligate me to do a study abroad?

No, you are under no obligation to do a study abroad just by applying for the grant. If you aren't certain now, but in six months you decided to do a study abroad, you could be $1,000 closer to your funding goal for thinking ahead and applying now.

When will I know if I've been awarded the grant?

Grant applications will be processed within 2 weeks of the application deadlines. Students will receive notification via email to their university email accounts. 


When/how will I actually receive my grant?

The Study Abroad Grant is considered financial aid, and will be processed through the Financial Aid office. For students doing semester or summer programs, the grant will be put into your Concordia student account. You can then make a cash withdrawal from your student account through the Cashier's office. For students participating in Global Ed Courses, the grant will briefly touch your student account, and then be debited to the Trip Account, which will reduce the up-front cost of the trip. 

It looks like I got the grant, and then it was taken away. What happened?

For Global Ed Courses, your grant will reduce your up-front cost of the trip, so the way you get the grant is really in the form of a discounted program. For the purposes of complying with federal financial aid regulations, the grant does have to touch your account and be reported as financial aid. Then the money is debited from your account to the Trip Account. 



Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Winterim 2019 10/01/2018 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Spring 2019 10/15/2018 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Spring Break 2019 11/15/2018 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Summer 2019 03/01/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Summer 2020 03/15/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Fall 2019 04/15/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.